Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Teddy Tours through Hole Bottom

After reading Summit and Valleys blog
I dug out some photo's of the area at the begining of his walk
Parked by the Post office in Hebden and walked along the road through Hole Bottom

 then along the track following Hebden beck but couldn't find a stone that rocked.
Looking back towards Hebden from where there's Shafts (dis) either side of the track
some snow graffiti for Daughter Justine in Italy
carried on to the ford with the view ahead
  but turned of to look at the first set of Pillars on the map
 The Pillars on the horizon were just too tempting.
 Getting nearer
 At the top
 Dinner kit out cooking last nights home made chilli and rice heated in a Roasting bag the water then used to make a brew

 Roasting bag placed in Crusader cup to save washing up and todays wine a Californian Merlot
 It was surprisingly warm on the top I even had a bit of a sun burnt face.
 Followed Bolton Haw Crags back

and round the back of Mossy Moor Reservoir but couldn't find the stone circle in all the snow on Mossy Moor Ridge, went around Scar Top House and down Petty Side then over the Ford and back into Hebden where the Bear posed on the main Grassington to Pately Bridge road bridge in Hebden (photo #1)
just thought I'd share and thanks to Summit and Valley for the memory jog - Danny


  1. Really nice Danny Thanks. Is that the Kidney shaped Nato cup ? It looks round in the pic.

    1. Hi Alan, yes it kidney shaped and fits on top of the 58 pattern water bottle which then fits inside the crusader stainless mug on top of the cooker see :-
      cheers Danny

    2. hi DaD ... yes i rember the photo thanks for putting it on again ....i've still the others with the snowmen which was more recent.. big hug xxxxxxxjustine

    3. Hello Justine, first time the photo's been Blogged though, thanks for comment Dad Danny

  2. Thanks Danny. It's all clear now.