Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Doctor Beakers Kitchen

Brenda went out with the girls yesterday afternoon so I thought I’d give her a surprize and cook tea. The surprize was that normally when I’m left on my own the kitchen turns into a cross between Doctor Beakers Laboratory and an extension of my workshop, but with a sink ! The photo’s should be self explanatory

chucked this lot into the frying pan with some olive oil and seasoned it with black pepper, pink Himalayan sea salt, teaspoon Cayenne pepper, teaspoon of Nando’s and a couple of Oxo
Here's a tip open the Oxo cube foil ears then squeeze, then you can tear the top off and pour in 
 brown the meat onions and garlic with the spices in olive oil 
 then pour into a cast iron “podgy” pot
wash and thinly slice whatever veg. you have to hand, but I always try to have a Sweet Potatoe, here with Carrot, Parsnip, Cellery, and a Courgette
add them in layers starting with the longest to cook

I then made up some Beef stock with just enough boiling water to dissolve the cube then added half a bottle of Old Speckled Hen
poured it into the Podgy pot
and brought it up to boil then turned it down to simmer and put the pot onto a simmer ring with it's lid on, the idea being a long and slow cook, the wire hook is to lift the hot lid on and off

after abut one hour I sliced some mushrooms and added them as a top layer

lid back on and it had another hour and a half before Brenda landed back
made some, homemade bread, toast and butter
banged the triangle and shouted "Slop Up !"

I even did the washing up, just thought I'd share - cheers all Danny


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    1. Chateau Old Speckled Hen and had a session -

  2. That looks good, Danny. And I like your podgy pot. It’s reminded me of a pot I saw on a market in Budapest a few years ago and wish I’d bought. I don’t know what it was called and haven’t seen one since, so if you don’t mind I’ll test your knowledge and see if you can help.
    This pot was rugby ball-shaped and in two halves lengthways, the halves being held together by a single hinge. What you did was fill the pot with meat and veg in a similar manner to what you have done here, close the lid, lock it with a little fastener that’s riveted on, then stick it in the embers of a fire. One hour later, hey presto, grub up. I’ve searched the internet for one but have had no luck. Any ideas?

    1. quick reply cheers just got in, it's 23:00 after last day of the Pheasant season will follow up tomorrow
      thanks Alen

    2. sorry drew a blank on rugby ball shaped iron cooking pots - lots of "dutch oven" pots but found a recipe that looks interesting :-
      cheers Danny

    3. Thanks for trying, Danny. I found lots of Dutch ovens too. Recipe looks interesting.
      Cheers, Alen