Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tobacconists are getting thin on the ground

At one time I could have walked down the village for a Tobacconist shop
now there isn’t one, even the Snowmen have been banned from smoking pipes.

even in the adjacent towns the large dedicated Tobacconists are no more. So it’s an half hour bus ride into Skipton (free with over 60's bus-pass)  passing Greenber Field canal locks, out the bus window,
then the train to Leeds £8.80 single £9 return. Looking down the Aire valley from the train just before Cononley
Arrive Leeds in just short of an hour and walk up Briggate to the Headrow to Greens
I do mail order from Green’s
and can put an order in late afternoon and it’s always here in the next mornings post, but it’s not the same as a visit, where I can break Paul off of his work, here he's coming out the Cigar humidifier room
and talk pipes, tobacco, beer, in fact the only thing missing is a bar !

 yesterdays visit they’d only sent him x6 Germain's Latakia Flake so I bought these and mentioned G H Louisiana Flake, down came the jar “have a fill - smoke, it in the shop” Very civilised, (the smoking ban in pubs should be enough for a civil war !) It’s a busy shop and a couple of customers commented “that smells nice/good” I’m not really into reviews as it’s all so subjective but the first few draws nothing much happened but then it got to be full of flavour. I bought two ounce, then back across the city for the next train back to Skipton where I put the no bar in the shop right with a pint at the Narrow Boat
The above is the Gawith Hoggarth Louisiana Flake in a Stainless-steel 50's Titan made in England pipe, Beers Ilkley Brewery's Joshua Jane 3.8% Bitter
just thought I'd share and add something for Oldmortality - cheers


  1. Good to see that OM smoked you out.

    1. Cheers Alan - have you been taking pun lessons
      from Pieman ?

  2. So, let me get this right.
    You posted on your blog on May 13 and then popped out to buy some "tobacco".The "tobacconist" supplied you with some "special stuff" which smelt unusual.You smoked some, and the next thing you knew, it was January ?

  3. What !!! it's January ? surely a Foma !
    It was my zah-mah-ki-bo to be lost on Mount McCabe
    sinookas vin-dit saroon like a stuppa.
    I see you're still inhabiting your coil ? did you like the
    "Ice 9" track

  4. There's nothing I used to like better than settling down with a relaxing puff on a hill top. Sadly, in many ways, I no longer suck on a pipe and my clothing has fewer holes as a result (I had the occasional fire in a pocket - all adding to the excitement)


    Quite a good baccy shop in the indoor market in Durham, apparently....

    1. I’ve just burnt a hole in my green army woolly pully Brendas not seen it Yet ! I don’t see many about smoking a pipe the first for ages was a bloke in Settle the other week so I went over to say hello, he was on holiday from Switzerland ! what did you smoke Bruno, Condor, Walnut ? I like the Balkan Flakes. I’ll remember the Durham one but the Todmorden market one has just shut down cheers

  5. Smoking a pipe falls into the same category as fishing for me - the activity itself holds no appeal, but the paraphernalia, it's names and retro designs etc is fascinating and oddly alluring.
    Had an good meals out and about recently?

    1. Hi Mark "oddly alluring" I like the phrase.
      Meals out - a few but left the Bear and camera at home I'd found myself staging trips to put on the Blog, so went back to the spontaneity of not making a plan and just setting out. cheers Danny

  6. So you come back after all this time from strange places with exotic names and bearing pipes and tobacco. Walter Raleigh's already done that one.
    Thoroughly enjoyable stuff, Danny. Good to see you back.

  7. I should have read the next post before I made that comment. And there's me thinking I was doing the right thing by starting at the bottom and working up.

    1. thanks for reply expect an answer soon cheers Danny