Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Bribery, no I don’t want anything off the Pieman, for a few weeks Brenda has been on about me getting a hair cut, :blah: but after over 30 years of being together I’ve perfected the “deaf ear” and “blind eye” routine. :byg: But this morning Brenda tried a new tactic ! If we go into town today and you get a hair cut I’ll buy your BEERS ! :banana::chug: 

Before :-
Started the day with Germain’s Special Latakia Flake in an Altinok Meerschaum

bus to Skipton, Hair cut, then round to the Narrow Boat to recover, no smoking inside so I loaded a Butz Choquin Fait Main St. Claude France Calabash briar
and had a pint of Ilkley brewery Joshua Jane 3.7% (inside)
I went outside to smoke the pipe with an Okell’s brewery MPA 3.6% brewed under the Isle of Mans Purity Laws,
 then back inside for a Lytham brewery Lytham Gold 4.2%, as it was Bloody freezing outside and Brenda had arrived and had a glass of Merlot
 and just to force myself so that I could make a full Blog report I finished the session with a Kelham brewery Island Gold 4.9%
 the sacrifices I have to make for this Blog ! back home on the bus and finished off the mornings Altinok Meercham pipe to give a final After.

 cheers all :toast: Danny


  1. Replies
    1. the Isle of Man Okells was superbly over hoppy almost on the edge of bitter just how I like it think the old Timmy Taylor Lanlord when they used to use Chech. hops and it had an Elderflower note,the Kellam Gold was the next hoppy one more like an IPA on the scale, then the Lytham Gold a little less so and finally the Ilkley Joshua Jane was a great normal bitter a good session beer, though that's only how I taste them
      cheers Danny

    2. Ah - duly noted!
      I shall look out for these (and others you've mentioned) when I get around to an away-day pubcrawl in Skipton.

      all the staff are very friendly and know there beers, right down to the names of the brewers and there's several changing guest beers on at any one time all in top condition cheers Danny

  2. Danny, I am soooooo glad you're back. That is wonderful. You've really cheered me up.
    All the best, Alen McF

    1. Thanks Alen, the Bear will send your bribe in small used notes !
      cheers Danny

    2. Hi Danny how are you? i thought you'd left Bcuk due to other matters Shewie mentioned you'd not been well hope your well now,and another thank you for giving my kids some grat stories and photo's on teddys tours a.t.b Andy (andybysea on bcuk)

    3. Thanks for the chuckle!

      What is it, an annual thing, this haircut malarkey?

    4. Bit like a shower - every February,
      whether I need one, or not !