Thursday, 18 February 2016

Firebox Rib-eye

The weather forcast last night was for blue sky and sunshine, so packed haversack and made plans !
Early start, Porrage then took Brenda into town to the shoe mines/hand bag quarries
Came back and it's getting darker and darker then windscreen wipers on full chat for a hail storm.
I'd wanted to try out a new fuel spotted in the twice a month solid fuel run to the coal yard in Settle N.Yorks decided to carry out the trial in the back garden as the hail had changed to a rain downpour but no wind,
so cut one in half giving x2 at 5" at 9oz each
 I rolled some Birch bark into each and lit it at 13:30, like a fuze but it didn'l light them
 so I dropped some lit Birch bark down the sides at 13:35
                        by 13:40 it was burning well
 not knowing the fuel I waited till 14:00 and the Bear opened the Bar
 apart from burn it didn't alter much so at 14:15 I put the skillet on

                                 then the Rib-eye
                         14:25 cheers All and a flip

14:26 Perfect 
the Firebox was still burning well
 so waited till 15:00
and broke the Hotties up with a poker
and put the Boil plate and the Stanley on with 10 Oz. water
 15:10 made the brew no soot on the Stanley

Firebox still pumping heat as I watched the Moon rise
Still going at 15:30
I think I'll try it with x2 1/4 pieces next time,


  1. Hi DAD..slow start but you go it going.. I've my mouth watering on that rib've made me hungry now... i've got the wine but no rib xxxxxjustine

    1. Hello Justine (in Italy) I'd never used Hotties before but they burnt great once going I now cut the log into 1/4'trs then split each piece length ways down the center hole hole and they light and turn to glowing coals faster. You're not Drooling are you ?
      Big Hug from Dad