Saturday, 13 February 2016

Firebox Stove

The last Blog was the first use of my new stove in Grass Woods, thought I'd have a play in the garden with it yesterday (Friday)
the wood is from Home Bargains at £3:99 a sack

the Axe was bought at a builders merchants but had a fiberglass shaft and the head was painted blue and Epoxied on so, I 'fettled' it

the Bear set up the Bistro
I lit the fire with Flint and Steel using Amadou as Tinder and Plumbers Hemp and Birch bark for the 'nest'

The camera focust on the flags but the Amadou caught on the 2nd strike
into the nest and cupped over and blow
keeping the Beard out of the way
added some Birch bark and small sticks

put the boil plate then the Stanley cook pot with 20oz. water on
and a few more small sticks
and 3 minutes 50 seconds later a rolling boil
made x2 cups Russian Caravan tea and took one in for Brenda
took the boil plate off and fit the grill plate for Sausage
took one in for Brenda and came back with an Avacado with fresh Lemon juice squeezed on
took the grill plate off and sat by the fire

Cheers All


  1. I thought you would have had something more "authentic" than Becks to go with all that woodcraft.