Saturday, 13 May 2017

Coin Cutting

I had the idea of sawing a 1942 penny into a jigsaw for Brendas 75'th birthday in a few weeks, so I bought a Jewelers saw
and some 6/0 piercing saw blades 0.007" thick 0.014" depth with 76 teeth per inch and made a 'V' notch to clamp onto the table
I have a tin of old pennies and 1/2 pennies in the shed mainly being used for washers with a hole drilled in the middle. I hold the penny with one hand over the 'V' notch clamped to the table and saw free hand with the other. I started off with x9 pieces to learn how to saw, as the blades are about the thickness of a hair and snap if you look at them, but with a good hand-eye coordination and plenty of Patience ! it's easy enough.

 I don't think I'll go any smaller than x25 pieces though as it's hard to build the jigsaw with them afterwards. Round the edge is OK but there's not enough pattern on the others to follow. I found it harder than the cutting.

in the next photo up you can just see the teeth on the blade
 I've since found out that from 1940 to 1943 all pennies were stamped as 1940 so thinking about it a 1942 half crown which is 50% Silver should make a better present,
 had a practice with one I had 

just need to E-Bay a 1942 one now
Cheers Danny

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