Sunday, 28 May 2017

More Coin Cutting

Well no comments and less than 10 views world wide for the last Blog post brings to mind Oldmortality's comment for :-
Oldmortality 16 April 2014
That's all very well, Danny, but i've told you before that what the public want is stats (distance, height,average speed, calories expended,inside leg etc) and details of the overpriced designer clothing you were wearing
Now, personally, i thoroughly enjoyed it,and will read it again and perhaps follow up some of the references.
QDanT 16 April 2014 at 18:11
 I still carry a tin of dubbin and an old tooth brush in my pocket and at any handy spot,
 stile, boulder, tree stump I'll give the boots a larup
 keeps them waterproof - top tip Eh ?

 I certainly miss 'Oldmortality' the Blog world is just not the same without him !

Just thought I'd share


  1. Hello Dan,
    I too miss Oldmortality.
    For what it's worth: I think your coin cuttings are amazing - they are so small, and so intricate, cutting that accurately at that scale must take some skill.

    1. Thanks for that, it's more patience than skill though as you're only following a line

  2. Hello - I just wandered over from Northern Pies and just want to say I think your coin-cutting results are lovely, in both blog posts. Must take a very steady and gentle hand to get such clean shaped edges and NOT snap a blade every 2 minutes! Very very nice.

    1. thanks Quinn 2 minutes ! I sometimes snap them putting them into the saw frame ;-) at first I wondered why they sold them in bundles of x144
      cheers Danny

  3. Absolutely love the coin cutting

    1. cheers just need a steady hand/eye and patience