Thursday, 2 February 2012

Limestone pavements below Inglbourgh

I’ve had a couple of comments off the last post (a warning for A McEff) about visiting the Limestone pavements below Inglebourgh, if you click this link and let the photo load, then click on the photo and it will super size (then use scroll bars) 

if you look just to the right and below the top of my walking pole (leaned on boulder) you can see another Cairn this is across on the other side of the valley
here’s a photo from that Cairn looking back,and again this link will super size 
here’s an area map showing the (flagged) two photo positions
 I’ve done a couple of posts on this area, this one got no comments as it was at the blog start.
 I've still a draft from before this on the Scale moor side, unposted as well. 
I'll see how this goes and maybe post it ?
cheers all Danny

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  1. I have always been fascinated by the limestone Karst areas on the slopes of Ingleborough as well as those across the valley towards Scales Moor and Kingsdale. I have photographed the erratics as well as Ingleborough from Scales Moor but never from the White Scar side. Your images remind me that I really must head across the valley and have a go. Enjoyed your original post btw.