Friday, 3 February 2012

Twisleton Limestone pavement

Parked in my usual spot at the end of Twisleton lane in Kingsdale crossed Kingsdale beck and followed the track up Twisleton scar, the vans the white dot.

 Todays intention was to stay on Scales moor and just explore and photograph the glacial erratics clints and grikes

made my way to the cairn at SD 71418 76283

for dinner a brew then beans and thin sliced smoked kabanos with home made bread cooked on a Crusader cooker running on a couple of Gelert fuel tabs and a spoon of Sterno jelled alcohol fuel in a 1oz pipe tobacco tin which just fits the crusader base, but is then snuffable by replacing the tins lid, wine was the French plonk again the only small bottle the village store sells then moved on to another cairn

these standing stones must have been forced in to the grikes by the ice as they are solid

The Bear started a fresh water franchise

As the sun started to set it was back to the middle of Scales moor, to my favourite spot :-

I then set off back to wait at the top of Twisleton scar to catch the sun setting over Arnside Knott

just thought I'd share cheers all Danny

Monday 8th March 2010 two days before
Uupps ! the Bears been on PlayTeddy again.


  1. Cor. You don’t half know how to look after yourself on the hill, Danny. Good food and wine beneath a perfect sky, and surrounded by spectacular scenery. What else can a bloke desire?
    I just love the language that glaciation has thrown up: erratics, clints, grikes. They are words as rugged as the landscape itself. I really must get myself down this way more often. Great pictures.

    1. Hi Alen great words indeed !
      the free preview pages here read well !,+clints,+grikes&source=bl&ots=pKD4mg-UwY&sig=eyUmVdgCVKxKailjmG-QKBdowvY&hl=en&sa=X&ei=mBEwT93ZFKGw0QWkm_StCA&sqi=2&ved=0CEYQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=erratics%2C%20clints%2C%20grikes&f=false

  2. Great little trek Danny, I really enjoyed reading that. Brightened up my day, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Fantastic! Really really bored of seeing the same old same old (and yes, I'm part of the band of photographers hunting within the same locations using the same 'elements' trying to be different as we are all doing but here, you have done it - fantastic! Humour at last!! just brilliant!
    Perhaps I'll stick to painting - no one has my style!!

  4. Thanks Robert, I like your Ilkley Moor paintings
    cheers Danny