Saturday, 22 January 2011

Stoves-R-Us (2)

A couple of years ago I was the only one to bid on a cast iron waffle iron from an E-bay seller, in London, and so won it for the opening bid of 1p. I e-mailed them and offered £5 as it was obviously worth more than 1p. but they replied that to keep to the spirit of auctions they only wanted the 1p. but thanks for the offer. It arrived and I cut an old steamer pan to fit a Go-gas stove.
Iron heating up before batter pour.
After a couple of minutes cooking flip to cook the other side. This is the reason for the tall pot support , waffle iron rotates and stove is easy in - out.
Checking if it's cooked.

It's Maple syrup time   Breakfast of champions (thanks MartinK9)  - Waffles and Stella
 Well there is a stove in it, but I wonder if it should be titled Waffles-R-Us ?
I've a No.8 cast iron as well, this time E-bay USA, it was £6 but about £25 post ! Ouch !
cheers all Danny


  1. You should team up with Weird darren (whitespider1066) - he's a bit of a stove person too....
    There's nowt like being well-fed, though, eh?

  2. Your name's not McGrew, is it, Dan ? That glove looks as if it has had some hot action !

  3. afraid not though I've got and had Songs of the Sourdough out on a few bivys and the 1st world war red cross stuff Unbelivable ! thanks for reply