Thursday, 13 January 2011

x2 days late

OK I hope the saying better late than never still works ?
With Tuesday, 11-1-11, down as the only fine day this week I took some rump steak out of the freezer Monday night and gave it a bash with the mallet Tuesday morning before packing up and setting off - Thornton – West Marton – Settle – Langcliffe – Cowside – Henside – Streets – to park at Langscar Gate SD 88800 – 64886 this is where I crossed the road to join the Pennine bridleway on the 8-12-10

this was the gate hole on the 8-12-10
 and on Tuesday

last month I’d been looking for the mined cave
Which allthough I'd been on the Nappa Cross restoration by the Crosshills Naturalists in the 1960's and the Northern Cavern and Mine scrat round the Pikedaw Clamine Mines ditto it wasn't till the Mike Knipe's Bloggo I knew about it but I think my use of the targets at Attermire, as a table, put them to better use !
any how back to Tuesday and last month :-
but the snow covered clints and grikes were just too dodgy being out on my own, so it turned into a bridleway navigation tour. Tuesday though I made it to the cave, which was worked by the miners from the near by mines on Pikedaw hill these were copper and lead mines and calamine (zinc carbonate) which was used in the Staffordshire brass industry, there were also local coal mines, on a small scale.
at the cave entrance
with a convenient ledge to set up on
Tea up
 Steak on, home made bread waiting and 2007 Campo Viejo Rioja again (they’re on offer at Sainsbury's at the moment and it’s cheaper to buy the wine in small bottles rather than the same volume in large ?)
 Looking to the back of the cave the passage disappears off into the dark but it looks a low wet crawl
Malham Tarn from the cave entrance
I then made my way across the moor back to the van and drove down into Malham then on to Kirkby Malham where I took the Settle road over the tops.Just before I started to drop down to Scaleber Force I stopped to photograph the Lake District
with Pendle Hill to the left

and Inglebourgh through the gap between Warrendale Knotts and Attermire Scar to the right
dropping down to Scaleber Wood at SD 84080 - 62594
with the waterfall 80 yards away
at the Force
looking downstream
 and a view from the top of the fall looking down
and a final look at the Lake District from Scaleber Wood
cheers all Danny

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