Friday, 14 January 2011

Adopt a tree

Following on from the Raven Scar Blog
on passing through the old quarry buildings one of them's made out of poured and shuttered concrete and had a wooden post set in which is now rotted away and has a Rowan growing out of the hole it was literally growing in nothing

                                                                      10th March 2010

with the field having several empty sheep feeding tubs scattered about
using a found collar bone I did a molehill and sheep muck mix and gave the tree a feed then a water from a stream near by

I'm up this way allot so I can take some more photo's through out the year________ Bonsai - R - Us
                                                                        April 2010
it's just begining to bud up
 it was ready for watering so I poured a couple of bucket fulls on from a handy stream only 10 yards away
                                                                           May 2010
about to blossom
                                                                June 2010
the blossoms gone and it's just setting berries
Dinner:- Smoked Bacon,Egg,Black Pudding, cooked on a Primus No.5,
 and home made Bread with a Californian Merlot
July 2010

 the berries are coming on
                                                                  November 2010
 with a full moon
and the sunset that night

                                                                      January 2011
Seen as we usually go to Booths and the coal yard at Settle every couple of weeks, decided to have a look this afternoon. First stop the Crown at Horton in Ribblesdale
The Black Sheep Bitter was on fine form I did notice that they had Old Peculiar on draft as well ! this would need a camping trip ! Left here and in the course of science tried the Black Sheep Bitter in the next pub. Verdict the Crown wins. Right the other pub, this is the view out of the Gents window :-
Where am I ? out into the car park to catch a train hauling logs.
Carried on down the road passing another great tree which I’ve never been up to but have looked at it for over 40 years as I’ve passed.
Then on down to the adopted tree, it was so windy we decided to brew up in the old quarry building where the pillar drill is

This is todays brew up x2 drip coffees (out of the wind) and I get to try my new Coleman mug
and looking out at the adopted tree
Before going up to the tree and with a Bear sunshine !
just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. Interestingly, I noticed that some hawthorns I used to have dens under when I was a sproglet haven't changed much at all in the fifty or so years I've known them. We'll be visiting them again fairly soon.
    Taking care of the Rowan has to have positive karma attached to it, I should think.
    I must say hello to that tree sometime.
    How many stoves have you got by the way?

  2. Hi Mike,I don't really know I’ve been collecting and fettling them 50 years or more, not counting all the R.D. making new ones “in the shed”
    I guess you’ve started a fresh thread off. I’ll post a couple of photo’s of the shed as a taster
    cheers Danny