Thursday, 20 January 2011

Teddy Tour Teas Farleton Fell

Consulted Teddy's Fir cone and piece of Seaweed this morning, and packed the haversack, had to drop Brenda off at the hairdressers at 10:30 for a Blue rinse OoUups! I mean a wash and trim, when I start looking for a comb I go and have a No.2. I’ve passed the Limestone bit that juts up between the M6 and the A65 countless times, but I’m either going or coming back from somewhere, today was the day, and it should have been sooner ! Turned left just after the bridge at Kirby Lonsdale with the sign pointing to Hutton Roof I’m glad I never met a Joshkin pulling a muck spreader as there was over 3 miles of road with higher hedges than its width and with a strip of grass down the middle
I went through Hutton Roof turned left then left again up a steep hill and parked by the side of the road between the 182 and 192  
and set off over Newbiggin Crags heading for Farleton Fell with for a change Inglebourgh behind me
and the Howgill Fells to the right
it was a steady climb in-between plateaus but then Disaster Struck !
                                           A Great White Shark attacked Teddy
                                        It was touch and go
I carried on and up with the Lake district coming into view and the cairn on Farleton Fell coming into view
When I got to the cairn Teddy was already there !
                          with a pile of Sharkskin wallets
                              Looking at the Lake district from the cairn
                                       and over Arnside Knott to Grange over Sands
                                   Grange over Sands
Coffee drip brewing, steak on, homemade bread with bed of water cress waiting, red pepper chopped,and a glass of 2007 Campo Viejo Rioja
So I’m there in the sun having my dinner and ( I’m a bit deaf at the best of times, I put it down to all the Hawkwind concerts in the 70 and 80’s) there’s an annoying rumbling drone in the background then I find it
It’s the M6 heading to Lancaster in all the murk and fog !I pack up the camp, and as usual leave a pile of crumbs and scraps as an offering, looking back at the first rise they’re being eaten
I wandered back in the general direction of the van just learning a new landscape. Lots of erratic's about
                                   and trees
                                         and more erratic’s
                                         and trees

It was back to the van and rather than the narrow roads I headed for Burton in Lonsdale before turning off for Kirby Lonsdale stopping to photograph the sunset against a Lebanon Cedar ?
Well I’ve never been here before and there’s lots to explore I never went over the road from where I parked onto Hutton Roof Crags ! Watch this space I’ll be back.
just thought I’d share cheers all Danny

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