Monday, 5 September 2011

Take it or leave it
just thought I'd share cheers all Danny
A photo for Oldmortality


  1. So, I just move the little finger onto the bit that says http and press the button ?

    Have I got that right ?

    Seriously though, Danny, might you do a cut-down, idiots version of this sort of stuff on the blog for those of us who are interested but dont have the specialist or local knowledge of what we are looking at that the forum readers presumably have

    In you spare time, like.

  2. More great pictures. The first small flower is eyebright. The second is probably self-heal but I'm not so confident with that.

  3. Hi Oldmortality,thanks for the comment, so you want me to upload all the photo's onto Picasa so you can see them small but have to click on them anyway to enlarge them, then to click again to go back to the Blog for each one. Why don't you like one click on the link then all the photo's are viewable large in one go from Photobucket ???
    All so I've been trailing about this area for over 50 years but my main expertise is finding some where sheltered to brew up, cook and have a wine I've no idea what the lumps bumps stones and carvings are all about so just share my walks with a forum who might be interested. I'm not particularly, and no one can know for sure what and why went on 5000+ years ago

    Thanks Mark I must of heard of Eyebright 100's of times never knew which one it was though. Have you any opinion on a link to another forum where all the photo's are large ? if you put them large on here they overlapp the side bar archive and blog list etc.
    cheers Danny

  4. p.s. to Mark talking to Brenda we both thought "Speedwell" was Eyebrigh ! probably because it's blue ? cheers Danny