Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fridays 30-3-12 three Tours

Mark 002

Mark 003

Mark 004 ( goes through the wood and down to the river)

on the river two canoeing from Horton in Ribblesdale to Preston

then onto Catle Haugh

then to Marks 5 and 6 above Paythorn bridge, two earth work circles joined like a fig. 8 on it's side with a spring where they join at the middle

any comments ? just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. Interesting that you should come up with all these features in such a small area.

    Have you tried dousing the area?


  2. Hi John, I didn't realise it was on fire !
    Sorry I'll get my coat !
    Back in the 60's I did alot of Dousing with "Y" usually Hazel, and Alpha rods usually Biro tubes and bent welding rod
    but as the years have progressed I've come to the conclusion that you do not need the aids an empty mind (no chatter)works better, so the areas were found by Dousing but by intuition
    thanks for the comment Danny

  3. Any idea of what period the earthworks date to, Danny?
    Alen McF

    1. 003 is the old Roman road cutting through the earthworks, so they're pre Roman. I'm on with some more research so I'll get back
      cheers Danny

  4. hi DaD those work circles certainly were an achievement and to think of nowadays its history still lies to be dicovered... big hug xxxxxxxxjustine p.s. plesae excuse my english...its not as in a foreign country i often forget

    1. I can smell Spaghetti ??? Oh it's Justine ! Hi, yes your English is becoming Pigdin, do you now dream in Italian after 25+ years ? it's not only surprising how quickly nature hides it, in only a few hundred years and it's forgotten in the oral history as well, we're talking 5000 years here ! thanks for the comment, hugs XXX Dad Danny