Monday, 5 March 2012

Shedden Clough Hushings

Quite at the back young Knipe ! (see what I did there) If we keep having these sunny days they'll no doubt tax or ban them ! so I made the most of today by exploring the area a mile south of last Thursdays - Hurstwood Luner Landscape. Hurstwood resevoir is in the trees at (H) with Cant Clough reservoir at (C)
Today parked in the car park and set off downhill

soon onto the Bridalway which I presume was one of the old pack horse routes
ice on the puddles
right are you paying attention at the back ? there'll be a test later !

spotted a likely Bistro spot just above the right post and a view of Pendle Hill looking down the valley

The Bear opened the wine a 2010 Californian Merlot from Paso Robels - founded  by Blackburn and Drury James 1873 (uncle to Jesse James)
then it was heat up some of last nights whole wheat ( fusilli) pasta and home made bollenaise made with our chillies (cayenne) and a trial of fresh turmeric root (yellow)
when hot the water used to make a brew Russian Caravan tea and a chunk of Carrot cake, it's a hard life !
eaten out of the roasting bag No washing up !

just thought I'd share --- cheers all  and the test where did the coal for the kilns come from ?


  1. Worraninterestingplace! That's got to be on the list for next time me and the loved one visit Halifax (and I'm allowed to escape for a while)
    But "young knipe.." simper. I love you. Please have my babies...

    1. we'll have to stop meeting like this people will begin to talk ! and what about all the Ewes knowing you by name ? go stand outside the headmasters study

  2. Right. Limestone kilns, I’ve always wondered how they worked and how long they burned the stone for – so that’s sorted that one out. Fresh turmeric root – now that has really impressed me. I was in an Asian supermarket in Middlesbrough at the weekend buying the powdered stuff. I didn’t know you could get the real McCoy. And the third thing is Russian Caravan tea – I used to buy it at a spot in Norwich called the Tea Junction, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Oh, and the scenery is interesting. I’ve heard of miners hushing for lead ore, but never limestone before. Thanks for another entertaining piece, Danny.
    Alen McF

    1. fresh Tumeric root Morrisons Nelson, but stain ! it even colours stainless steel yellow never mind wooden spoons and fingers look like you've a 40 a day Capstan Full habit.I mix my own Russian Caravan after a few trials I use 4oz Keemun, 4oz Oolong, 6oz Lapsan Souchong
      see :-
      though the shop I buy it from does sell Russian caravan.It's the first time I've come across Hushing Limestone and only knew of it from up Swaledale way as you say for Lead

  3. That looks like a fascinating area.
    Just yesterday we were given a box of selected teas (from Whittards) which included Russian Caravan Tea. It's new to me and I was intrigued - I shall definitely have to try it now! (Any tips as to how it's taken?)

    1. Hi Mark :
      cheers Danny

    2. it just goes to show that skills of this kind gives you an idea how changes come around but remain ....the photo's demostrate it........