Monday, 26 March 2012

No Diamonds in the Mine

While flint kicking on the Langcliffe tour, I found  3 small quartz crystals, wondering what these were doing in a Limestone area ? lead me to find out that the Craven Fault runs through the area hence the Lead and Copper mines about, as the fault cracks allowed the hot mineralised solution to percolate through. I also found out that Bi-Pyramidal double terminated Quartz used to be collected in the land slips below High Hill above Settle , had a quick look this afternoon,

I found most in Rabbit and Mole hills and although easy to spot because they're shiny they're hard to photograph, Flash doesn't work but here's what I collected under Halogen light and I'll try in sunlight tommorrow

 and a view of the back of Warrendale Knots (Langcliffe tour)
and a road block !

just thought I'd share cheers all Danny

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  1. Thanks for that. Always learn something new here.
    Alen McF