Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's not easy

Finding Flints on Nursery Knot last Saturday must have made it look easy
Monday 19-3-12 - Settle - Stainforth - passed a Limekiln at SD 83580 66109

 and the view from
carried on towards Malham Tarn with views of Inglebourgh and Penyghent

parked below the Tarn to kick some Molehills either side of road
then went on to Seaty hill

No Flints !
Tuesday 20-3-12 - Colne - Coldwell - Thursden Valley to park above Widdop reservoir

 it must have taken ages to fill !
then back up to the road to look in the ditch cleanings, as the Mesolithic and Neolithic stuff is just under the Peat layer

Nothing ! so back to the top of Thursden Vally to park at the end of the Oil Prospecting track

followed the track along

looking back to the car
and towards Lad Law
with a view of Pendle Hill to the side
it was windy but found a sheltered spot near the end of the track and warmed up some Tongue yellowing Curry ! and made a Lavazza coffee

the Bear found a great carving
had a wander about in the stream beds

found some wildlife but No Flint !

then headed back to the track
on the way back noticed Stoodley Pike http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoodley_Pike
back to the car and photographed out of the window and windscreen as I drove down Thursden Valley

then up the other side

Watch Out For German Paratroopers
then back to Colne for a pint at The Hole in the Wall
just thought I'd share - cheers all Danny


  1. Thanks Danny you put a lot of effort into that post.

    1. Hi Alan, I don't mind putting the photo's on, it's the waffle that get's hard work, cheers Danny

  2. I was prompted to poke around in moleehills following your previous posts and I found... no flints....

  3. Hi Mike, doe's Bruno know about this ?
    cheers Danny

  4. Hi Danny. Yet more fascinating stuff. I’m learning a lot from your posts, and I just know that the next time I’m out on the tops (which will be in the morning) I’ll be kicking mole hills. But I can’t work out why the moles needed flints in the first place. By the way, the fingers on my left hand are bright yellow. I look like I’ve been smoking 40 a day. But the raw turmeric is definitely good fun and certainly adds colour to a curry!
    Cheers, Alen McF

    1. Hi Alen, Moles-Flints-Worm Hunting !
      40 a day is that "Capstan Full" ?

      Capstan (cigarette)
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :-
      Capstan is a brand of unfiltered British cigarettes made by Imperial Tobacco originally launched by W. D. & H. O. Wills in 1894. The brand became less popular when the health effects of tobacco became more widely known, few shops now sell them.

      In 1971 the UK government published a table of the tar and nicotine contents of cigarettes available in the UK market, and Capstan Full Strength contained, by some margin, the highest tar and nicotine contents of any brand.
      and you can still buy them !
      cough, cough, cheers Danny