Sunday, 18 March 2012

Kicking Molehills

Having Saturday afternoon free I’d to think of somewhere that wouldn’t be swarming with Grockles so decided to go and kick some Molehills on Nursery Knot.
Thornton-in-Craven, Skipton bypass, Cracoe, Grassington and parked in the layby before Stump Cross Caverns,
 looking at Nursery Knot

 soon spotted a group of Molehills
Going on 60 years ago when I started this game I really did kick them but nowadays I tape a small rake head onto the bottom of my walking pole and rake them which is much more efficient 
 you can see the couple in the fore ground not raked but the ones behind have been
 I’d parked the Bear and the haversack and it was this first area (blue oval) which was the only productive area all day
 and the production for today :-
 Microlith’s :- from Wikipedia
 then onto the top of Nursery Knot
 with a zoom of the above view
 and a Macro zoom into a patch of Lichen growing on the wall top
 I then dropped down and went over the first of two ladder stiles (there almost touching)
 and while the Bear set up the Bistro (only a snack today)
 I followed the wall along and the slope back raking Molehills, but no more finds. Asparagus soup, Crumpets, Oat biscuits and a cup of Monkey Tea, 
 there was a good build up of clouds to the West but I managed to stay in sunshine all day
 before setting off for the largest of the boulders at Knot Head

 and the view from the top looking North West to Grimwith reservoir
 and North 
 and looking South back passed Nursery Knot to Simons Seat on the horizon
 heading back to a gate hole in the wall I passed a small pool 
 which had more Frog spawn than water, but it was baking well !
 at the gate, the leaning (not) upright seemed solid ?
 heading back down to the car, there appears to be an old Limekiln in the hillside over the road
 I park here allot so I’ll have a look next time. Just thought I’d share
cheers all Danny


  1. Good to see you out & about again, Danny. I have missed your posts this last few months.

    1. Cheers I'll have to get out with the "brass and paraffin" more though ! Danny

    2. good findings microlith's in particular looks as if its been cut ready to make an arrow... at a first glimps at the photo where you wrote north west Grimwith resevoir it looks fossile then when i enlarged it i noticed weather warn... hugsx

    3. Hi Justine (daughter) in Italy thanks for comment, one of the main reasons for starting this Blog was so that you could keep up with Teddys Tours as your a Follower why don't you sign in with your :-
      "Justine mau" I.D. rather than "Unknown"
      Hugs back (dad) Danny