Thursday, 29 March 2012

Scrubbing Mill Chimmney - Musbury Heights

On the last photo of the Tuesday Tour
the notice board mentions  "Scrubbing Mill chimmney" over the valley on Musbury Heights, looking at the blank areas on the map marked "Here be Dragons" was enough to go have a look, I kept expecting to bump into Alen McEff with lump hammer and chisle in hand and an old sack tied around !. There's not much to say so I'll just stick the photo's on and you can follow the Tour :-

home via J5 M65 and the Hole in the Wall at Colne again, just thought I'ds share cheers all Danny


  1. Ah, another vanished industry. This time a scrubbing mill. There must be a Frankie Howerd joke in there somewhere, Danny. I trust that lump of yellow stuff isn’t turmeric root. Any idea what it is? Just a lump of something that went through a boiler?
    Alen McF

    1. Well if it isn't Neolithic Toffee it's Neolithic Flint as the peat overlays the Neolithic landscape, and it's not natural or glacial drift so tends to stand out to be collected.see :-
      cheers Danny