Saturday, 5 February 2011

the Great Stone of Fourstones

Following on from a comment by Tony (Pennine Ranger) in the last post I thought I'd post this
November 2009
It was raining till after dinner so just a quick expedition in the afternoon to :-

glacial erratic 4m high and 27m circumference,  soft sandstone.Hence all the carving.
The older the carving the neater the handwriting some almost copperplate

Soon had steam up on a SH & S (Samuel Heath & Son) Birmingham England 1/2 pint paraffin stove
With a view of Inglebourough in the background
and Penyghent in the clouds
It's called Fourstones but the other three were broken up ages ago for use as building stone and scythe sharpening stones and looking on the map I wonder if there's any in Fourstones House ?
just thought I'd share, cheers all Danny

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