Sunday, 6 February 2011

Teddy Tours Money Tree Wood

Parked at SD 70722 73759  and dropped down to the river Doe, skirting the working Granite quarry, with the old quarry to my left and the viaduct in Ingleton shrouded in mist
then passed several money trees

and had to tie Teddy up in the haversack
 lots of growling
dropped down to the river Doe
and followed it upstream along the gorge side path, the Beezly falls side of the Ingleton waterfalls walk
the above was about the top waterfall and with a view of Inglebourgh making cloud
there was a handy bench for dinner and a brew
Risotto Rice with Porcini Mushrooms and sliced smoked Cabanos with a South African Pinotage and Shiraz the Optimus Crux folder and Terra Nova cook set doing a great job, fast boil 3000 watt then a gentle simmer
I was still going back down through the wood as it began to get dark and even though I had my Fenix LD10 it wasn’t until I walked into a Burdock that I got it out and switched it on (Burdocks like wool shirts) as I came back uphill to the road the Sun was putting on a show
it wasn’t quite this dark I used –2 stops as an over-ride to Auto
 just thought I'd share (from 19-11-2010) cheers all Danny
another couple of sunsets added after Tonys comment
 and one from a blog yet to publish from Scale moor
 cheers all Danny


  1. Teddy certainly knows how to dine out well on the hills! Love the sunset pics.

  2. Thanks Tony, Teddy Tour "Teas" ! the area seems good for sunsets I'll add another couple, from the past but, within a mile
    cheers Danny

  3. was trying to find out where to post a comment that a very wellknown but perhaps not to those 'up north!' tree with embedded coins, I think quite a lot ARE pre-decimal here, is at St. Nectan's Glen/Keive in North Cornwall...but then I came across you and Teddy, and mystic neolithic etc wandering took a new and comforting turn! I hope the travelling teas make their way down here sometime:-)

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