Thursday, 3 February 2011

Teddy Tours Malham in the Snow

8th December 2010

With the Met. office promising a good day :-
Wednesdays weather posted Tuesday night
A dry and sunny day to come with clear blue skies for much of the time. The wind will make it feel very cold, especially over high ground.Visibility Excellent.
I packed the haversack and set off  to Malham, parking in the National Park car park in the village, the cove was soon in sight
and followed the beck to the base SD 89730  64135
looking up
it was then a slippery trek to the top
you can see the path to the base through the fields and the 7 o'clock sunray is shining on our house !

 met a few of these at the top and was reminded of the 1950’s buying lumps of Toffee for a 1d that were wrapped in a white with a greenish tartan, waxy paper,

with a picture of one of these on, never mind your fillings, chewing on it would pull your teeth out !

Followed the Pennine way then turned off for Langscar gate crossed the road and onto the Pennine Bridleway (up hill !)
as far as the cross roads where I took the Stockdale Bridleway. Good job I had my stick

the gate holes were catching the snow
 which got deeper the further up I went
passed Nappa Cross and onto the next set of cross roads

downhill now to the cove road
passing a turn off as the sun went low
it was nearly getting “white out”
but then Malham came into view

the wind chill was Bonkers, so I ended up with Teddys bistro kit staying in the haversack and just munching on chocolate and dried fruit on the way round, before having a brew up back down in Malham
 I tried Win. live writer (thanks Mark and Mike) but the photo's weren't clickable they stayed either as a thumbnail or the upload size ? so back to Blog writer which I seem to be working out.
cheers all Danny


  1. Hey Danny,
    For a minute i thought that Yorkshire had had another fall of the white stuff until i saw the date!

    7am, my word thats enthusiasm for you.

    Good post and lovely pics.

  2. AAAh - vintage Scottish confectionery !

    Highland Toffee, Millar's Pan Drops, Lee's Macaroon Bars, Duncan's Walnut Whips, Jethart Snails, and who could forget Bill McLaren's Hawick Balls ?

    Appalling dental health - yet another field in which Scotland leads the world !

  3. now that's a surfaced memory :- Lee's Macaroon Bars, for some reason they were sold on an indoor market stall at Keighley Yorkshire. I think I was an addict for a few years, then one day "sorry we don't sell them any more" Cold Turkey for the next few weeks
    cheers Danny