Friday, 18 February 2011

Teddy Tours - the Fire King

About 2 miles from home at Thornton in Craven there's a disused flooded quarry at SD91088-48805 I decided that even though we have a flint and steel lit fire everyday at home
(house hot water and central heating from stove in front room)

I'd do one out in the woods and give my stove collection a rest.
So unrolling a piece of rubber backed carpet to kneel on and tinder tin at the ready with a roll of birch bark some hemp fiber and fluffed sizal string made into a nest and some fat pine spills cut
I gathered some dead wood, and did a quick piece of carving, while in the village the other day I'd spotted a brass candle nightlight holder and for some reason thought of making a crown for a Fire Idol ? So sawing off the bottom and a quick polish gives a crown, a spark onto charcloth a quick blow and the pine fat wood was away
fire was soon going and one and a half billies of packed snow gave enough water to boil the roasting bag of beans and sliced smoked cabanos, eaten out of roasting bag, water used for a brew and there's no washing up. I quite often take some of the night befores curry or chillie out this way
the King smokes his pipe
the Bear opens the Bar
the King begins to suspect something
the Bear serves up chillied backed beans with smoked cabanos and buttered french stick with a South African Shiraz
Long live the King
thank's to the Wicker Man for the starting quote of :-
"Who but a fool would be King for a day ?"

There's already another King in waiting
 this time riding into Valhala on a Unicorn

just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. The new King looks suitably virginal.

  2. this time riding into Valhala on a Unicorn ?
    cheers Danny

  3. ...we used to climb that quarry... wouldn't do it now...


  4. Not snowing yet how about up in Knipe land ?

  5. Fantastic post Danny, Snow as well. The Shiraz will warm Teddy up thought.

  6. You're not too far from me. I think your Teddy trips look great. Long live the king! Is Teddy available for bookings, he could do a walk with me as part of my new book, I might need to tell Alan Hinkes I've had a better offer :-)