Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Teddy Tours a Neolithic Cave

I signed up for a Blog late 2009 but every time I tried to compose a Blog entry, the photo would always align it’s self at the top centre of the page ? after a few goes I gave up and just started to save Tours in a desktop folder and post to the odd forum. A year passed by and I gave the Blog another try, this time there seemed to be a new editor that I could make sense of, I’d uploaded all my photo’s to Photobucket so linked them onto the Blogs and posted them to my Blog in one go ! I now realise that this was too many, and seen as I’m getting hassle from Photobucket – bandwidth and storage – go pro £££ !  I’ve decided to start again using Picasa as the photo host and at the risk of being tedious I’ll put them back on if I've no new ones to post
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Teddy Tours a Neolithic Cave
Well the Met. office Dales weather gave excellent visibility and light winds from the Northwest for today ! guess that’s what the computer told them but they didn’t check Teddy's Fir Cone and piece of Seaweed.Set of in thick low cloud/mist and thinking there might be an inversion layer went over Fosters Crag SD 72630 – 60717 - 19 miles from home
dropped down towards Keasden and stopped to photo A West Riding of Yorkshire road sign
Looking back to Foster’s Crag from road sign
Arrived at parking spot from Adopt a Tree and set off up the hill side heading along Raven Scar with the wind from the South !!!
looking back at a tree in the mist
Lots of scree below the cliffs
Going up steeper

Getting near the cliff base

Find the cave
set up Teddys bistro, brew on
Tenderized rump steak on coffee brewing
While they were on I went into the cave with my Fenix LD10

I only went in 100 yards then the mud started to become “sticky friend”
Back to the entrance Lavazza coffee waiting and Rump steak on a bed of fresh watercress in a home made bread sandwich
(Canadian Red-spring whole-wheat flour, plus Linseeds Poppy seeds and yellow Sultanas)
with a yellow bell pepper and a glass of Californian Petite Sirah
With the view from the cave of Whernside in cloud

Went straight down from the cave, mainly because I dropped my stick and after watching it go, 2012 Javelin here I come
Looking back from near the road at the cave

Photograph of a milestone on the road
Top of Whernside highest point in Yorkshire

Went back via Foster’s Crag Looking at Whernside on left and Inglebourgh on right
Penyghent further right

Pendle Hill looking over Gisburn Forest, and the way home.
just thought I'd share Cheers all Danny


  1. I'm not sure whether this is helpful, re problems with editing - have you tried Windows Live Writer? I find it very useful - if you do decide to download however, I would advise that you don't let Windows stick you with the entire Live package - you just want Live Writer.

  2. thanks for that, Mike Knipe recomended the same right at the begining, he mentioned Phreerunner uses it too,I'm getting the hang of the new Blog editor but may just give Live Writer a go.I know more what I'm doing with wicks and paraffin, my first key board only had an arrow to the left, and I'd to ask the grandaughter "where's this Enter key"
    thanks for your time Danny

  3. well I tried Live writer but couldn't get the photo's to be clickable larger, they pre-viewed as thumbnail or large ? didn't want to chance it. told you I was "low tech" but at least Bloger has a mouse over to size them which is working.
    cheers Danny