Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Teddy Tours Ease Gill Kirk

Spicy Lamb Samosas,Beans,Rye bread,South African Pinotage,ground Coffee.
Teddy’s Fir cone and piece of seaweed gave today the best day of the week, parked at Bull Pot Farm 
SD 66257 81480 
and set off down the valley towards Ease Gill Kirk, looking back at the Farm
the Bear wanted a detour to Lancaster Hole to see the Trolls
none in sight but it’s tackled up
this is the dry river bed of Ease Gill
but I stayed to the right and headed to the water outflow at Leck Beck Head
which was in full flow
then crossed over to the start of Ease Gill and began to follow it upstream
the Bear found a Henry Moore or is it a Barbara Hepworth ?
the Gill took on a lost world feel
then we arrived at the Kirk
with several caves all around
Set up the Samosa Cafe and brewed a drip Lavazza
it was good to find another way out from the Kirk, as it had been a scramble to get there, but looking downstream with your back to the Kirk, there’s a path up the left hand side
SD 66077 79972
which loops around and joins the path from Leck, then comes to a cross roads one crosses photo #5 to go back to Bull Pot Farm one goes in the direction of Leck Fell House and straight ahead follows the dry valley up, looking down the dry valley
 and looking up
with some spacy looking trees hanging on, this ones for Francesca
I was intending to follow the valley to the next Waterfall before cutting back across to Bull Pot but my knees were beginning to play up and spotted a handy set of stone steps cut into the hill side which lead back passed Lancaster Hole to join the path back to Bull Pot Farm, with a view back to Gragareth from the top of them
stopped on the road on the way back to photograph back down to Ease Gill
just thought I’d share cheers all Danny


  1. Hi Brian, never mind no serviettes, though I did have kitchen roll, I forgot my spoon ! lucky I had the small brew spoon in a pocket.
    cheers Danny

  2. Brilliant Teddy Tour in a great place - and nice to know you've been there. Shots of the kirk were fabulous ....!

    1. many thanks indeed, I wouldn't like them to upgrade the road to Bull Pot Farm, can you imagine hordes of trippers
      cheers Danny + Bear

  3. Love this post. Many happy childhood memories from around Bullpot Farm. Rachel

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      A great place for a childhood playground :-)