Monday, 14 February 2011

Teddy Tours Thorns Gill

Pork fillet dipped in beaten egg then spiced breadcrumbs, petits pois with baby carrots and mashed potatoes with a grating of Nutmeg, Pinotage wine and a brew.
It was Tilly's comment in the Four Teddy's of Gragareth post that prompted this one,
 So back to December 2009

Friday morning was fine and sunny so I set off, but by Settle it was getting dark and by Horton in Ribblesdale it was slinging it down and by Ribblehead it was turning to snow but by Gearstones it was back sunny again. I parked just off the road on the right before Gearstones and followed an old Bridleway to an ancient stone footbridge spanning Thorns Gill, soon to be the infant River Ribble (B on the map)

looking up stream from on the bridge you can see a swirl hole full of small boulders which as they vortex round and round in the current drill ever deeper
 and although it's a Limestone Gill it seems to be collecting Sandstone boulders
 the vortex made some fascinating patterns with the foam flecks
Exploring down stream to look up the gorge
 Passing some  fine glacial perched boulders
these are scattered about along the whole walk
 Glacial pebbles like grains of sand
 just over a slight hill the track leads to the ruined farmstead of Thorns

the moss making it seem a forgotten  place yet it's within site of Ribblehead viaduct with all it's hoards of trippers
It was a good excuse to stop for dinner

well the Trough was !

So tenderizedPork fillet (bashed with a spikey mallet) dipped in beaten egg then spiced breadcrumbs and fried in olive oil in an 8" cast iron skillet, peas and carrots kept warm on a solid fuel tablet stove, and Smash mashed spuds which seems to have drastically improved just lately ? with a sprinkling of grated Nutmeg, and a brew with the left over water, the wine was a South African Kumala Pinotage and Shiraz

 with the view to Park fell and Inglebourgh
 and a puddle freezing, as I watched, by the doorway
 with a last look at the Thorns farmstead
 I followed the Ribble way round and over a modern footbridge further up Thorns gill, and back to the road below Gearstones
just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. I don't think I've ever been to Thorns Gill. I quite fancy a summer evening camp there, I think... maybe a sniftah at the boozer beforehand.......

  2. Like the wooden spoon Danny. Thats right up my street.
    Far better meal than dehydrated stuff. Will you batman for me please.

    BTW what is the gas stove you used.

  3. Hi Mike, that would be the boozer with:- “the loo with a view” then,
    handy if you want to come by train ?
    cheers Danny

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  5. Hi Alan, I don’t do abroad, think my passport ran out in the 70’s, but Brenda goes over to the daughters in Tuscany and to friends in Nice and I usually get a small gift like the spoon this one in Olive wood, as is the small chopping board in photo #12
    I think the stoves a Go Gas I’ve had it a few years and like being able to turn the gas upside down when it’s really cold, to maintain the mix, and with a Billy on it has it’s own windshield. As to being your batman no problems I could have a hot bath ready and your silk smoking jacket ironed for when you get off the hill !
    cheers Danny

  6. Danny,
    I'm sure you could. Brilliant post.

  7. This is fantastic. I love Thorns Gill and you've captured it perfectly. Your blog is great. I liked the visits to the Celtic Wall etc.. Keep up the good work.

    Stephen Oldfield
    You can find my scribd link to a Ribblehead chapter on my blog. !! Enjoy. I'm off to Thorns this weekend.