Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Today 8-2-11 "Aldingham" by the sea

Teddy's Fir cone and piece of seaweed said today (Tuesday 8/2/11) would be the best day of the week, Brenda decided to have a day out with us, so the “to visit” folder was consulted and an A4 map printed and laminated from Ulverston (high tide checked 14:29) to the South, the intention to visit the stone circle (SD 29237:73951) at Bardsea. Steak taken out of freezer Monday night and haversacks packed, set off Tuesday morning with the sun burning off the mist (Oracle Teddy + again) Barnoldswick-Gisburn-Settle-Ingleton-over the M6-Ulverston here “Spontaneity” set in as we followed the Barrow in Furnace coastal route sign instead of the Bardsea one. I don’t know how far we’d have gone maybe Roa island, but as we passed a sign for Aldingham we could see an old church and a fancy mansion house, next to the sea and we turned off to find the church right on the sea edge with a sign in the car park :- please feel free to use this car park unless there’s a notice posted for a wedding funeral etc. Thank you, that made a nice change. The bonus being a sea front shelter with toilets, and they weren’t locked. On to the beach you can just see the church yard wall on the left
then the church and the van roof in the car park SD 28152 70846
and the shelter with the fancy mansion behind, a Nursing Home
 looking along the beach to Elbow Scar
and back to the church and shelter
Photo call for Teddy
then back for a walk around the church yard. Time for a rant, because were on Greenwich mean time at the moment the Sundials are fine, but the shiny suits are talking of adding two hours in summer and only knocking one off in winter, so were on the same bank/office dinner time as Germany. Bollocks let the Germans knock an hour off !
 Rant over, back to the shelter
 and with room to spare spread the kit out
I brewed a drip coffee, Lavazza, Brenda started the steaks
                             Grub up !
It was nicely out of the wind, so much so we had another coffee after the wine and watched the tide come in for an hour.Elbow scar again.
We weren’t the only ones sheltering I counted 27 of these
packed up and drove back to Bardsea, parking down in the village and leaving Brenda at the van I followed a green lane uphill
with a view over to the lighthouse at Ulverston
and behind me over the bay to see Inglebourgh dominating the sky line
arrived at the stone circle
Etrex H spot on thanks Alan (Odyssee)
 just thought I'd share - cheers all Danny
This is for Tilly - (see comment 1) mind the "men in black don't call"
and please don't give the Bear any ideas, like being UK President as he already want’s gold tassel shoulder epaulets. I hope British Red doesn’t read that !
thanks for the comment.
OK for British Red (see comment 2) and before you ask Teddy's an ice cream and a candy floss as well !
 cheers again Danny
I'll add another photo in reply to Beating the Bounds http://beatingthebounds.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/sea-wood-aldingham-birkrigg-common/
 I actually did count the number of chrysalides (sad)  so I wonder if they’ve been collected or eaten ?
We did notice a Wren ( food :- They eat insects, spiders, seeds and larvae) just outside in the scrub.There were several Snails in the top corners, but I didn't count these though I took a photo

  cheers once more Danny


  1. I don't know much about this stuff but it seems to me that we are not a country any more but just a state within Europe and the people who pretend to be governing the country are getting paid a lot of money for sucking up, I think your teddy would so a better job. I like your lunch, it's a wonder you don't have a line of people wanting to book a meal!

  2. Loving the new Teddy Teas sign - clearly going upmarket now :)

    Teddy requires a knotted hanky for his seaside excursions though ;)

  3. I read through your blog with a chuckle. Remind me to tell you about 'Sharkey' sometime. Lovely pictures and narrative. I'm adding you to the North Pennine Blogroll!

  4. Isn't the lighthouse the Sir John Barrow Monument on Hoad Hill?
    I've been meaning to visit this stone circle for a while. Now I can see that I'll have to include Aldingham too when I finally get round to it. Have you been to Peel Island?

  5. Hi Mark, yes a quick Google :- http://www.sirjohnbarrowmonument.co.uk/
    The Monument was constructed in the style of a former Eddystone Lighthouse
    Looks like another "to visit" along with Peel island
    cheers Danny

  6. forgive if this is a double but love the blog very much. IS that a new(ish) fancy teddy teas sign i see?

  7. Hi Francesca I use Irfanview as my photo viewer but wanted to print x9 small cards on A4 to cut out then laminate,and give to anyone who asked about the Blog etc. for this I used Windows Photo viewer - print - then the wallet (9) setting on the right I only had "copies of each picture" set at 1 instead of 9 so it printed one large A4 so I laminated this to use as the new sign the felt tip cardboard lid one was getting tatty and fat splashed anyway !
    cheers Danny